How to embbed FM search

How to embbed FM Search engine in your site

Step 1.

Register and Login to FM Trading site, please give us the maximum details about your buissnes.

After Login press on My Account in navigation panel at top of out site. from dropdown menu choose Profile.

Next you have to click on (Edit account) close to your name. 

Step 2.

Choose Iframe Settings from the left side menu.

Step 3.

Fill all the forms fields. The numbers is present the percent above from original price that you get.

When you complete to fill all the form fields, press Update details.

Step 4.

Then, at the bottom left press on Generate Iframe button. you will see new area apper in the screen.

Copy the iframe tag and pate it in your site.

Step 5.

Then, create page in your site, name it “parcel” (For example:

Copy the second iframe from above and paste it in your Parcel page that your just create.